What do I do if the institutions where I want to study is not in the Higher Education Register?

If an institution is not listed on this website of the Higher Education Register, that means that the institution is not recognised as a higher education institution by the authorities of Flanders. It is however possible that this institution falls under the authority of the French Community of Belgium and that it is recognised by that community. This is easy to check in their register, the Annuaires.

If the institution is also not recognised by the French Community of Belgium, it is important to check on which basis this institution offers higher education programmes and awards degrees. For example, is it a foreign institution which awards degrees that are recognised in its home country? This is rather difficult to find out. Furthermore, recognition in another country doesn?t necessarily mean recognition in Belgium. It can be a good idea to request additional information about that institution from the relevant authorities of its home country or from the recognition body. Perhaps it can be a good idea to ask additional information from the Flemish recognition body.

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