What is the status of the International Management Institute, Belgium?

The Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) receives an enormous amount of queries concerning the International Management Institute based in Belgium. All these queries receive the following answer:

Regarding the status of the International Management Institute based in Belgium, NVAO would like to state the following :

  • This institution is not and has never been a recognised higher education institution, neither in the Dutch nor in the French speaking part of Belgium. Since it is not recognised, it cannot award recognised degrees. Associate, Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate degrees can only be awarded by recognised higher education instiutions.
    None of the degrees awarded by the International Management Institute are recognised and graduates of this institution can therefore not claim any higher education title (e.g. Master). Using higher education titles without holding a legitimate degree is illegal.
  • According to the Belgian Constitution, anyone can establish an institution and offer education. But to be a higher education institution and to award higher education degrees, you need to be recognised by the competent authorities.
    Since 2003, the Flemish higher education system is open to all types of institutions. An institution that considers itself a higher education institution can ask to be recognised as such. To be recognised, the institution’s programmes need to receive initial accreditation and the institution needs to be registered. Only then the institution is included on the official register:
  • All the recognised higher education institutions and all the recognised higher education programmes are included in the Higher Education Register:
  • On 30 September 2012, we were informed by the University of Buckingham that they did have a relationship with the International Management Institute for the validation of two programmes, BSc Business and Management and the MBA. Dr Frances Robinson
    Director of Collaborations specified: "However both of these programmes only ran for one cohort."
    He furthermore stated: "As we do not have an agreement with IMI at present we have removed all reference to IMI from our website [...]. After the previous agreement expired IMI had removed any reference to the University of Buckingham from their website so we were very surprised to see that they had put it back on at this stage. I shall be contacting IMI to request that they remove all reference to The University of Buckingham from their website and from any publicity material."

NVAO is currently not processing any application for recognition/accreditation submitted by the International Management Institute.

(Last update: 6 July 2017)