What is the status of the Islamitische Faculteit van Europa / Islamic Faculty of Europe (IFEG)?

On 21 May 2012 the Minister of Education Pascal Smet answered this question in the Flemish parliament as follows:

"The Islamic Faculty of Europe (IFEG) is a private institution. As a result of article 24 of the Constitution, which stipulates the freedom of education, IFEG is free education to provide education and award certificates.

All bachelor's and master's programmes must however be accredited and must be included in the Higher Education Register. This is, what IFEG is concerned, not the case. This means that IFEG can offer their programmes, but since these bachelor's and master's programmes are not recognised they are not valid. Bachelor's and master's degrees are indeed protected by decree (Article 25 § 7 of the Decree of 4 April 2003 on the restructuring of higher education in Flanders). In comparison, the Faculty of Comparative Religious Studies in Antwerp is in a similar situation. "

"The information on the website of the IFEG suggests that it is entitled to award bachelor's and master's degrees. This can be confusing and give people the false impression that it concernes recognised higher education programmes.
I will instruct my administration to contact the IFEG to address these irregularities and make them rectify these. If necessary, legal action will be taken. "


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