Higher Education System

Higher education in Flanders is largely shaped by the European developments in the framework of the Bologna Process. This is the process to create the European Higher Education Area and should facilitate students and graduates' mobility across Europe.  

The Bachelor-Master structure is one of the most visible results of the Bologna Process. The higher education degree system actually consists of three cycles. The first cycle are the Bachelor's programmes, the second cycle are the Master's programmes and the third cycle are the Doctorate or PhD programmes. More information >>

In general, there are two types of institutions: universities and university colleges. There are of course also other types of higher education institutions

Universities and university colleges have specific profiles. Only universities can award the degree of doctor while only university colleges can offer Bachelor's programmes with a professional orientation. 

Universities and university colleges cooperate intensively, especially in the field of research, in so-colled "Associations". These are formed by one university and at least one university college. More information >>