Status International Management Institute (Belgium)


NVAO has recently received an enormous amount of queries concerning the International Management Institute based in Belgium. All these queries receive the same answer. We have reproduced this answer below.

Regarding the status of the International Management Institute based in Belgium, NVAO would like to say the following :

  • This institution is not a recognised higher education institution, neither in the Dutch nor in the French speaking part of Belgium. Since it is not recognised, it cannot award recognised degrees. Graduates of this institution cannot claim a higher education title (e.g. Master). Using higher education titles without holding a legitimate degree is illegal.
  • According to the Belgian Constitution, anyone can establish an institution and offer education. But to be a higher education institution and to award degrees, you need to be recognised by the competent authorities.
    The Flemish higher education system is open to all types of institutions. An institution that considers itself a higher education institution can ask to be recognised as such. To be recognised, the institution’s programmes need to receive initial accreditation and the institution needs to be registered. Only then the institution is included on the official register:
  • All the recognised higher education institutions and all the recognised higher education programmers are included in the Higher Education Register:
    For more information about the higher education system in Flanders, we would like to refer you to this website.

We hope that this message answers any future queries concerning the status of the International Management Institute.