A Short Introduction

The Higher Education Register is a legal register that contains all the accredited higher education programmes in Flanders, Belgium. All Bachelor and Master's programmes need accreditation in order to be recognised as higher education programmes and to be able to award recognised degrees.

The Higer Education Register presents information in three ways:

  1. Information about programmes and instutions
    The programme and instutional details can be found by using the browsing function and the search engine.
  2. Information about studying in Flanders
    A quick guide helps provides you with some essential guidelines and stepping stones. What do you have to deal with when considering studies in Flanders? This concerns issues such as visa and residence but also tuition, costs and grants. Some practical information will help you get acquanted to living in Flanders.
  3. Information about the higher education system
    This is information about the recognised insitutions, the type of programmes and degrees, the credit system and the admission requirements

Only accredited degree programmes are listed in the Higher Education Register. Accredited degree programmes meet, according to the NVAO (the independent accreditation organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium) predefined quality standards. You can find more information about quality and accreditation here.

Higher education (not only in Flanders) uses its own distinctive terminology. If you come across a word you don't understand, go to the page where the terminology is explained.

The Higher Education Register is managed and edited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). You can contact us directly with remarks and suggestions. We do not provide information about individual programmes.